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July 05 2012


Prg 211

1. Executive Summary
The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze a day-to-day problem in life.   It will identify the kinds of information that was gathered to help in solving this problem and where the information can be obtained.   It will describe the process that was used to evaluate the information that was gathered and the types of things that were considered to evaluate the information and explain how the information found resolved the problem, and what was taken into consideration as possible solutions to the problem.


2. Problem statement Most people spend a lifetime trying to maintain a healthy weight management program on a day-to-day basis, quite frankly the problems of weight cuts across all class, gender, age, and racial categories.  
Prg 211 - Healthy weight management is a problem that affects as many as 65% of American adults. Because of these staggering numbers a solution for this problem was aggressively sought. However, the subject of weight management is a broad subject and choosing what to gather required a analysis of how much information should be used and the best way to obtain the information, therefore, the problem was broken down into two categories diet and exercise, which focused more on a solution to the problem and not the problem itself. Help was needed to manage the problem most efficiently.
3. High-level view of the program solution:  
Mgt311 - After reviewing the assignment information was then gathered on diets and exercise to find a solution to the problem of maintaining a healthy weight management style on a day-to-day basis.  
Mgt 311 - After going to the library, exploring websites, reading articles and looking into programs being offered through YMCA, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig the information was analyzed to determine if it was reliable information that could be useful in maintaining a weight management program on a daily basis.

Prg 211
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